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 Hermit crabs if dropped from more than 3 feet high can die. The impact can cause their abdomens to rupture from the force. Be cautious when handling them.

If tank is not changed, mites or fly larvae can infect your tank and will cause harm to your hermit crabs. Monthly at maximum is the best record to keep in changing your substrate.

Jumbo crabs can cause harm to a young child while being handled if it is intimidated, insecure, or if the child does not know how to properly handle them. The thought that one can not support them properly can send the feeling to the crab of insecurity. Please supervise while children are handling the crabs, for both the child and the crab’s sakes. Usually it is best to have the child sit on the floor or couch while allowing the crab to walk around them. Just be sure if you have the child on a couch, or other furniture item, that you are there to watch. Again. Adult supervision is highly recommended.


If you have been pinched and the crab will not let go:

  See our HANDLING page in the Care sheet pages...