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 Calcium can be obtained through a few sources.

Cuddle stone for birds, Shells (such as coral, sea biscuits, and sand dollars), and use of shell dishes instead of plastic. Although your crabs do not get much calcium from the shell dishes, it has been madeknown that you can get some calcium from them. I prefer the cuddle stones and other sources of calcium myself. I use deep plastic dishes filled with shells to keep the water dishes from being tipped over at night.

  Never use metal dishes for food and water, as it can rust and cause the death of your hermit crabs.


Vitamin enriched foods:

  Fruits, veggies, fish food, and FMR hermit crab food (Or other reputable sources). FMR hermit crab treat is also a good snack, but focus on the FMR food. It has more of the nutrients your crabs need. Change food daily if possible, otherwise mold or rot will set in. Leave food for no more than 3 days Max.


 Cereals, crackers and other foods may be fun to feed them, but too much can cause problems.Especially cereals that have lots of sugar in them. The problems are usually found in the length of life span.


Do not feed your crab dairy products.