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A place where you can learn about Tree crabs, otherwise known as Hermit crabs, and learn how to care for them as pets!

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Weekly Baths


 Weekly baths in Chlorine free, lukewarm water is recommended.

This is due to the gills that the hermit crabs have. Their gills need to be moist in order to breathe properly, otherwise they will die of suffocation. Treat the water before bathing your crabs (with chlorine removing drops or by using your distilled water) and be sure it is lukewarm. Stress coat is also recommended to add to the water. This is very beneficial to your crabs due to the nutrients in it. Be sure your water is not too deep. Just to the top of the shell is sufficient.

 When your water is ready for the crabs, place them in the water and give them a bit of time to walk around before taking them out. When through with the bath, allow the crabs to air dry before adding them to their tank.


Do not over bathe! It is recommended that you bathe no more than every 4 days apart due to the nutrients they store in their water supply within the shell.


Do not leave hermit crabs under water for too long. Hermit crabs have gills, but can not breathe under water. Once they leave the ocean as young they usually do not return unless it is time for the female to release her eggs. 2 minutes is the duration of time you should leave your hermit crabs in the water at most.

  I use  larger shells and corals in our bathing tub for our crabs to climb up on if needed.