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A place where you can learn about Tree crabs, otherwise known as Hermit crabs, and learn how to care for them as pets!

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Home! :o)

From Western MA (near Amherst). 2 medium size crabs now have a new a home! They now live with many other hermit crabs of various types and are very happy. Thank you Melissa for adopting these beautiful hermies!


Do you know of a hermie who needs a new home? If so we would like to help you out.

Right now our automated Adoption form is not finished, but you can email me directly at sarah@hermiehaven.com if you have an adoption hermie avaliable. We will then go through our database and see if there is anyone within your area who is seeking to adopt hermies.

 Anyone who may be interested in adopting a hermie may email us here as well. The more homes avaliable, the better!

Thank you and good luck!